Why You Should Floss After Thanksgiving

Always Floss after Thanksgiving

Why You Should Floss After Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy a variety of foods with friends and family. While you may be sleepy and want to relax after the festivities are over, it’s important to keep your oral health in mind and floss before bedtime. Here are a few reasons why you […]

How Gum Disease Is Linked to Blood Pressure

how gum disease is linked to blood pressure

How Gum Disease Is Linked to Blood Pressure May is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month, and Dr. Gregg Codelli and his team are celebrating the occasion by raising awareness of the link between gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) and high blood pressure. Research shows that managing gum disease and improving oral hygiene habits […]

Picnic-Ready Dental Implants

A Picnic-Ready Smile With Dental Implants When you need dental implants, our periodontist will first need to place the titanium implant itself within the jawbone tissue. It will take several months for the bone to heal, but during this time, it fuses with the implant, providing a firm foundation. After the healing period, an abutment […]


dental implant model

Why TeethXpress May Be the Ideal Option for Your Tooth Replacement Needs When it comes to replacing a full arch of teeth, you want a solution that’s designed to last for the long term. You may have considered individual dental implants, since they’re great for bone support and are known to function without needing replacement […]

Learn the Stages of Gum Disease

Stages of Gum Disease

Learn the Stages of Gum Disease and the Numerous Treatment Options Millions of American have gum disease, and because the condition can be virtually painless in its early forms, many don’t know they have a problem until it’s become serious. Gum disease progresses through several different stages until extensive damage is done and teeth are […]

The Surprising Risks of Living With Gum Disease

Risks of Gum Disease

  Contrary to popular belief, gum disease doesn’t just affect oral health. Even though it starts in the mouth, bacteria and inflammation can spread from your gum tissue to other parts of your body. Fortunately, periodontal disease treatments can help you maintain your oral health and lower your risk of other diseases. The problem is […]