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How Gum Disease Is Linked to Blood Pressure

How Gum Disease Is Linked to Blood Pressure

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May is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month, and Dr. Gregg Codelli and his team are celebrating the occasion by raising awareness of the link between gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) and high blood pressure. Research shows that managing gum disease and improving oral hygiene habits may help you manage your blood pressure.

Common Periodontal Disease Symptoms

Periodontal disease can be divided into three main stages: gingivitis (which is the very first stage of the disease), periodontitis, and finally, advanced periodontitis. It is wise to receive treatment for gum disease when you notice the very first symptoms, as gingivitis is the only stage that can be reversed with treatment. Periodontitis and advanced periodontitis can’t be reversed, but fortunately, they can be managed. Here are a few of the symptoms commonly experienced by people with gum disease:

  • Bleeding gums (especially when eating, flossing or brushing)
  • Swollen, uncomfortable gum tissue
  • Chronic foul breath
  • Receding gum tissue
  • Changes in your bite (the way your teeth fit together when closed)
  • Constant bad taste in your mouth
  • Pus coming from your gums or between your teeth

If you notice these common symptoms, visit your periodontist as soon as possible. You’ll likely have a better treatment outcome if you schedule a consultation right away.

Gum Disease Treatments

Dr. Codelli offers several treatment options for periodontal disease. One of the most popular treatment methods he offers is Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). This laser treatment is highly respected for its ability to clear away inflamed tissue with minimal invasiveness. It uses an intelligent laser that can tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy gum tissue and is capable of treating gum disease with pinpoint accuracy.

Want to find out how periodontal disease treatments can help you manage your blood pressure? To schedule your appointment with Dr. Codelli and learn more about LANAP and other available treatments for periodontal disease, call Solid City Smiles today.

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