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Digital Smile Design Dunwoody, GA & Atlanta, GA

Transformational Dentistry with Digital Smile Design

See Your Results Before Treatment is Performed

At Codelli Periodontics & Implants, near Sandy Springs and Atlanta, our goal is to create a positive transformation in your life by giving you the beautiful smile you have always wanted and deserved. We have invested in state-of-the-art Digital Smile Design technology at our Dunwoody, GA office so you never have to guess at what the result of your dental care will be. Digital Smile Design allows us to show you a side-by-side comparison of your smile now to what it will look like after you have received your dental care. If you aren’t immediately in love with your Digital Smile Design appearance, we can alter it until you are. We use Digital Smile Design technology for every cosmetic dentistry procedure performed, so you never have to guess at what your results will be.

Advantages of Digital Smile Design

  • See your smile results before treatment
  • Professional digital photos and videos of you
  • Side-by-side smile comparison
  • Adjust your treatment plan until its perfect
  • Get a smile that is unique to you

Why Choose Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design in Dunwoody, GA, is important because it shows more than just an overlay of what your new smile will look like, it shows the relationship between your teeth and the rest of your face. We want your smile to not only look beautiful but to also match your personality in how you laugh, talk and smile. Many of our patients emotionally react after seeing their new smile, unaware of how transformative cosmetic dentistry can be.

dr cordelli performing dental procedure Atlanta GA

Our Unique Digital Smile Design Process

Our practice features a unique studio for Digital Smile Design in Dunwoody, GA, where patients can receive professional quality and attractive photos and videos of themselves.

Our team is experienced in capturing images unique to your personality so you get a good feel of how you will look doing everyday activities. Then, we will show you these pictures and videos with your new teeth in place, revealing how life-changing cosmetic dentistry can be. Many patients find Digital Smile Design to be the deciding factor when making the determination on their treatment plans, as seeing the results truly is believing in your new smile.

Show off a smile unique to you with Digital Smile Design technology.