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Picnic-Ready Dental Implants

A Picnic-Ready Smile With Dental Implants

When you need dental implants, our periodontist will first need to place the titanium implant itself within the jawbone tissue. It will take several months for the bone to heal, but during this time, it fuses with the implant, providing a firm foundation. After the healing period, an abutment and crown go on top. If you currently have a missing tooth, then you need to replace it now before the summer season begins in full so that you can take pictures and go to picnics with peace of mind.


Eat Whatever You Like

A gap in your smile will make it much more difficult to eat your favorite foods. Most people are unable to eat chips, popcorn, apples and tough cuts of meat with a molar missing. Even with other types of restorations, some foods may be tougher to chew because the restoration will slip around your mouth. Dental implants stay firmly in place, so you can eat anything you want.


Maintain a More Youthful Appearance

Your teeth naturally stimulate the jawbone tissue to keep it strong. When even one tooth is lost, the bone loses some stimulation, and the resorption process will begin. This causes the jawbone to shrink and can cause wrinkles to form. An implant provides much-needed stimulation to keep the bone resilient.


Keep Other Teeth in Place

Your teeth always want to move, but they normally stay put. Once extra space is added to the mouth through a lost tooth, the surrounding teeth will shift. This creates an improper bite, altering your aesthetic and making it tougher to clean your teeth.


Prepare for the Picnic by Visiting Our Office

Contact the office of Dr. Gregg Codelli if you have a missing tooth. Getting dental implants is one procedure you do not want to delay because your oral health will only get worse the longer you wait.

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