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The Effects of Alcohol on Your Teeth

Everybody knows how alcohol affects the body, right? Well do you know there wasn’t much knowledge about alcohol’s role it plays in oral diseases. Well at Solid City Smiles our dentists have a lot to share about  alcohol and its effects on your teeth, gums and mouth. Take your smile to our dentists who know how to recover your beautiful smile from the dental consequences of alcohol.

Moderate Drinkers Affected Too

Or have an effect on your oral health; you do not need to be an heavy alcohol drinker. While it is more probable that heavy drinkers may develop mouth sores, gum disease, and tooth decay, moderate drinkers are more likely to have issues. Also mild alcohol consumption may lead to:

  • Staining: Red wine and mixed drinks with dark soda can discolor or stain teeth. Beer is acidic, which adds to the chance of staining, particularly if you drink dark beers.
  • Dryness: Alcohol dries the mouth, robbing it of the saliva that helps dislodge bacteria and plaque from your teeth.
  • Alcohol abuse: Those who drink too much, either on occasion or regularly, are more at risk of developing oral cancer. 

Dental Services 

The dentists at Solid City Smiles can help address these problems. Along with whitening treatments for stains and crowns for chipped or broken teeth, we offer the following procedures and more. 

Dental Implants 

Replace missing teeth with implants that prevent loss of jaw bone. Implants are strong, durable and help prevent health issues that can occur with gaps. 

Same-Day Crowns 

No temporary crowns are needed while you wait for a new crown from the lab. Your dentists at Denville Dentist can design and bond same-day crowns during one session.

Invisible Braces

We can fit you for Invisalign® clear plastic braces. Nobody knows you’re wearing them as they work to move teeth gently into place discreetly. 

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