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Signs You Need Dental Implants

dental implants at sandy springs dental office

In a perfect world, your teeth would last forever without any problems. Unfortunately, this isn’t the scenario most people experience. The teeth can become damaged for a number of reasons, including injury and decay. In many cases, issues with the teeth can be fixed with dental crowns or fillings. But in some cases, the structure of the teeth may be so damaged that they can’t be saved. In cases like this, dental implants may be recommended. Here are some signs you need implants:

Irreversible Damage From Decay

Gum disease and severe tooth decay can cause irreversible damage to the teeth if they are not treated during their earliest stages. Gum disease is particularly harmful to the bone and soft tissues that hold your teeth in place. It isn’t unusual for patients with untreated gum disease to eventually lose multiple teeth. If this happens to you, it’s never too late to solve the problem and get the treatment you need. As part of your treatment plan, your periodontist in Sandy Springs, GA, may recommend dental implant placement once your periodontal disease symptoms are properly managed.

Severely Damaged Teeth

Many people get along just fine with teeth that are slightly chipped. There’s generally no need to worry if you have minor dents or dings in one or more teeth. But if you get a large chip or crack in one of your teeth, bacteria can enter the sensitive, nerve-rich pulp and essentially kill the tooth. Once a tooth is dead, it is likely to fall out of the mouth completely. Fortunately, you can replace it with a permanent dental implant that will allow you to speak and chew normally.

Find Out More

Dental implants have a remarkable ability to improve the appearance and function of the smile. To find out if you need implants, contact Solid City Smiles and we’ll help you arrange an appointment with Drs. Gregg Codelli or Sadja Gaud.