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Really, How Durable Are Dental Implants Exactly?

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By necessity, teeth, especially the enamel, are one of the toughest parts of the human body. They have to be tough to stand up to a daily onslaught of hot, cold and acidic foods and drinks. Without proper dental hygiene, the daily battering by food and drink will eventually cause teeth to decay and fall out. Dental implants provide reliable, durable means for replacing missing teeth – but how reliable, how durable are they exactly?

What Makes them Durable
Made of titanium, a root type dental implant is fabricated to match the contours and dimensions of the natural tooth or teeth it’ll replace. The titanium root of the implant is embedded in the jawbone, at the site where the natural tooth was once planted. Supported with artificial or natural bone dust, the titanium implant base takes root in the jawbone through a process known as osseointegration.

Osseointegration is the process whereby the implant and the bone essentially fuse together to make one cohesive structure. The osseointegration process must be complete in order for the dental implant procedure to be considered a success.  

How They Make Dental Appliances Durable

Dental implants are used as a foundation to secure various “prostheses,” artificial body parts, all of which are intended to look and feel as real as the teeth they’ll permanently replace. This includes dentures, crowns and bridges.

With regards to replacing human teeth, the technology used to fabricate dental implants and the protheses that will attach to them is world class. Because their protheses is secured to dental implants, and ultimately the jawbone, wearers can flash their smile, eat chewy foods and speak clearly without the fear of their dentures or replacement teeth getting in the way.

Implant supported protheses don’t just work as well as natural teeth while chewing and talking, they look just as nice too. So wearers aren’t just confident in the reliability of implant supported dentures, bridges or crowns – they’re confident in the way they appear as well.

The Type Matters
Find out if you or a loved one is a candidate for dental implants and get an even better idea about just how durable they truly are. Click here to schedule a consultation about getting new dental implants in Atlanta GA.