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Dental Technology

As the years go on, technology gets better. Whether it be your home computer, or your cell phone – there is a clear difference through the years. It is the same for dental technology. Dental technology has had major increases as time passes by. From laser dental treatments for gum disease, and 3D imaging, prevention of poor oral care should be a piece of cake.

Solid City Smiles, and Dr. Codelli are part of the technology wave, with all of the latest and greatest. Here are some technology advances you can find when you visit your local dentist in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

This 3D imaging technology allows Dr. Codelli and his team to scan quickly and produce 3D images to assess your dental needs. This machine allows for your dentist to:

            -Visualize anatomy not seen in traditional x-rays

            -create more effective treatment plans

            -use less radiation

            -analyze nerve structures, etc.

Along with Cone Beam 3D Imaging, Solid City Smiles also provides digital x-rays and intraoral camera technology.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design allows you to see your post treatment results prior to your procedure taking place. Don’t get stuck with treatment results you were not hoping for. Digital Smile Design allows you to:

            -see the relationship between your teeth and face

            -side by side comparison

            -and adjust your plan so it’s perfect for you

LANAP and Fontona Laser Dentistry

Both of these laser procedures are minimally invasive. LANAP is a laser procedure to help clear gum disease and kill bacteria before it causes detrimental health problems, while Fontona Laser Dentistry provides patients with sleep apnea help.

These two laser dental procedures allow patients to have fast results and severely help with issues and symptoms that needed much longer and more difficult procedures.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Codelli and his team at Solid City Smiles for all of your dental needs. No matter your problem or symptom, their technology will provide answers and or results for you. Call and find a time that fits your schedule to take control of your oral hygiene with the latest dental technology.