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Dental Implants: Enhance Your Smile For The New Year

Dental Implants
If you are suffering from missing teeth, then you would benefit from the installation of dental implants this new year. A new year can be considered a fresh start and another opportunity to improve your quality of life and enhance aspects of yourself you have been unsatisfied with. Having missing teeth falls into this category of something that you would want to enhance and to improve. Also, the great thing about dental implants is that along with being cosmetically appealing they also benefit your oral health.

What Are the Major Benefits of Dental Implants?
The major benefits of dental implants are that they function just like your natural teeth would and not only do they provide you with a natural looking smile, but they also function and feel like natural teeth.

Other Benefits of Dental Implants Include:

  • Convenience: No more embarrassing situations when you don’t have to remove your teeth to eat or speak as you may with dentures.

  • Improved comfort and speech: Implants are placed by the periodontist in such a way that they don’t move around and are essentially part of you, making them the more comfortable option for improved speech.

  • Easier eating: With dentures that move, eating can be difficult, and a missing tooth makes it harder to chew in certain areas of your mouth.

  • Jawbone regeneration: While dentures are a viable option for tooth replacement, they don’t stimulate the jawbone to regenerate and the bone may deteriorate and crumble over time without an implant.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation
If you are considering getting dental implants then please reach out to our office to schedule your consultation. Doing so will allow you to explore all of your dental implant options with our periodontist.