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A Better Understanding of Dental Implants

Losing a tooth as an adult, knowing it will not grow back can cause you to feel self-conscious with your smile. If this is the case, dental implants may be the right solution for you. Dental implants are a common procedure sought out by millions of Americans. The implants also help your bone and tissue stay healthy and are designed to look like your natural teeth, resulting in a smile you feel confident wearing. Implants are also designed specifically for you, giving a natural look and feel, allowing you to be more comfortable and confident in your everyday life.

The dental implant procedure is simple and extremely common; the implants involves a screw, which will be the root of your new teeth and attaches to your jaw. The abutment is the connector that holds the new teeth in place and the crown is the actual prosthetic tooth. This is a permanent solution for teeth replacement. Most patients receive some form of sedation so they experience minimal pain and discomfort.

The dental implant process can vary in time but is often completed within a couple of visits. Good oral care is essential to keep the implants clean and healthy. Luckily, since the implants work just like your natural teeth, you can also take care of them like your natural teeth by regularly brushing and flossing.

Implants might not be for everybody, here are a few facts to think about before making your choice. A dentist must make a careful evaluation of your health history to find out if you would be a good candidate for this treatment. Although age isn’t a factor, tobacco and alcohol usage, in addition to some diseases, could be contributing variables in preventing a patient from qualifying for the procedure. Dr. Gibbs will work with you to find the right treatment plan for you. 
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