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3 Reasons TeethXpress Is a Leading Treatment for Full Arch Tooth Replacement

TeethXpress Patient Smiling

Have you lost all or most of your teeth due to old age, gum disease or some other cause? Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for the discomfort and embarrassment that comes from living with a smile full of gaps. With TeethXpress®, you can have a normal, natural-looking smile and full dental function within just a few months.

The TeethXPress® Process

TeethXPress® is a procedure that involves replacing all of the top and/or bottom teeth with full arch dental implants that are attached to a prosthesis. Good candidates for the procedure include those who have no teeth left, who have worn dentures for years or who have lost teeth and/or jawbone density due to periodontal disease.

When Dr. Gregg Codelli performs a TeethXPress® procedure, he does the following:

  • Determines the patient’s history
  • Completes a comprehensive workup using a 3D scanner and impressions
  • Creates a customized treatment plan
  • Places between four and six implants in each jaw
  • Attaches a temporary fixed prosthesis to the implant posts
  • Allows the gum and bone tissue to heal, then places a permanent fixture on the implant posts

The entire process usually takes between four and five months. After receiving the procedure, you should expect between three and four days of swelling and soreness while you recover. Once your permanent prosthetic fixture is attached, you’ll be able to eat normally and will likely experience improvements in your speech as well. To keep your full arch dental implants in good condition, take good care of them by scheduling regular dental checkups and keeping your new teeth clean by flossing and brushing every day.

Contact Us Today If you’re looking for a convenient and durable alternative to regular dentures, TeethXpress® may work well for you. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Codelli by calling Solid City Smiles and talking with an office assistant during regular operating hours.