Single and Multiple Missing Teeth in Atlanta, GA

Solid City Smiles uses dental implants to replace any number of missing teeth. Previously, patients suffering from a single missing tooth had to use a dental bridge. This is no longer the case. We can now utilize dental implant technology to replace either single or multiple missing teeth.

In the past, a dental bridge was the only solution for a single missing tooth. While this method does have its merits, it also has a number of drawbacks. Mainly that it damages healthy teeth while allowing for bone deterioration. This is because a dental bridge does not interact with the jawbone. Instead, it relies on adjacent teeth for support. This requires that the teeth be ground down and reshaped so the dental bridge can fit comfortably on top.

Prior to implant dentistry, a dental bridge was the most effective way to replace a single tooth. Today, they are considered the superior tooth restoration option. Not only do we have dental implants to replace single teeth, they can also replace multiple teeth. This method is called an implant supported bridge. It functions very similar to a normal dental bridge except that it is held in place by the implants rather than natural teeth. An implant supported bridge has a few advantages over a normal dental bridge:

  • They prevent bone and tissue deterioration
  • They do not harm healthy teeth
  • They are resistant to decay
  • They do not slip out of place

For these reasons, dental implants have become a more desirable option for tooth replacement. They are a more natural and more comfortable solution to a dental bridge. For more information, contact Solid City Smiles and schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregg Codelli or Dr. Daniel Shelby today, who are happy to serve the communities of Atlanta and Sandy Springs, GA, as well as the surrounding areas.

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