Have you lost your teeth and are interested in dentures in Atlanta, GA? We offer an alternative solution so you can smile and eat confidently again. Our dentist, Dr. Gregg Codelli, has experience in private dental practice since 1988 and knows how to provide patients with effective solutions for a healthy mouth. One of his solutions for missing teeth is through dentures that are supported by dental implants.

More Stable and Comfortable Than Regular Dentures

When you think of dentures you might think of loose dentures that make it difficult to speak. These types of dentures are inadequate because they often slip out of your mouth or create annoying clicking sounds. They can also result in the deterioration of your jawbone. That is why Dr. Codelli is dedicated to providing his patients with implant-supported dentures. This is an ideal solution for those with missing teeth but who still have a strong supporting jawbone.

Effective and Realistic

When it comes to getting dental implants and dentures in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Codelli provides two options, ball-retained and bar-retained dentures. For each option, dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone and holds an attachment that will securely hold a denture.

Ball-retained dentures — this type of denture has a ball-shaped socket that fits into the dental implants.
Bar-retained dentures — with this option, clips or other attachments are applied to a thin bar that is curved to your jaw. The denture is then clipped onto the bar.

In either procedure your denture will include natural-looking acrylic or porcelain teeth and an acrylic base made to look like real gums. Dr. Codelli will perform a detailed consultation including examining your dental history, taking X-rays, and creating teeth impressions. You will also be given a temporary denture to wear until you are ready for the more permanent implant-supported one.

Are you ready to have the comfort and confidence that comes with being able to smile and eat? You can trust Dr. Codelli to provide you with the solutions you need. Call us at 470-235-4757 to set up an appointment.