If you were recently diagnosed with gum disease in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Gregg R. Codelli wants to encourage you to stay healthy and positive. Even if you find yourself tempted to ignore the symptoms or are afraid of receiving treatment, you need to understand that this is a condition that can do more damage to your oral health and lifestyle than you think. If you feel a few missing teeth, some sore gums and bad breath are nothing to worry about, keep reading. Here are additional ways that gum disease can change your life.

Shortens Life Expectancy

Not very many people are aware of how bad gum disease can get if it remains untreated. Once the bacteria and plaque start to travel in your bloodstream, they can drastically alter heart health, making it harder for your heart to function normally. This is known as heart disease, and it is a leading cause of death for Americans. People with heart disease often do not live as long as people who do not have it. If you want to improve your life expectancy, it is time for you to get a grip on reality and to get tested and treated for gum disease in Atlanta, GA, right away.

Creates Social Barriers

Having to hide your smile can do more than keep the world from seeing how beautiful and happy you may be; it can eat away at your confidence and self-esteem. People who do not feel very confident or satisfied with their physical appearance because of damaged or missing teeth and chronic bad breath are far more likely to shy away from social encounters. If you want to face the world confidently, make sure your oral health and smile are as healthy as can be.

Do not let your oral health or gum disease keep you from living a healthy, socially active and happy life. Contact our dental office at (470) 235-4753 for an appointment with Dr. Codelli.