When you get a cold during the winter, you may try everything in your power to remedy your seasonal ailment by taking cold medicine, seeing a doctor, or even getting a flu shot as a preventative measure. The same should ring true of your oral health during the winter as well. Indeed, many people are not aware that the cold weather can affect the well-being of their mouths. However, by taking certain steps to treat and prevent these effects, they can effectively be mitigated—just as a cold can be. At the office of Dr. Greg R. Codelli, we want to outline these potential conditions so our patients know what to look for this season.

Know What to Watch Out For

For most people, common side effects of a cold or flu include itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion, and, in extreme cases, nausea and fever. In terms of the effect on your mouth, these conditions can translate into dry mouth, acid buildup, and even an increased likelihood for cavities. Therefore, we recommend the following measures be followed if you find yourself under the weather:

•  Drink plenty of water or fluids to offset the effects of breathing through your mouth
•  Be sure to rinse your mouth out after taking cold medicine or vomiting
•  Rinse or gargle with warm salt water daily to treat sensitive gum tissue
•  Do not skip flossing or brushing—in fact, it is more important than ever during this time

Schedule a Seasonal Appointment

The more you know about the effects of wintry weather on the health of your mouth, the better prepared you can be to avoid any long-term complications. In addition to practicing preventative measures at home, it is important to get regular checkups—especially during the winter—to ensure your oral health is on the right track. As a vetted periodontist in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Codelli provides a comprehensive list of dental and periodontal procedures and services. Give our office a call at 470-235-5532 to schedule your appointment today.