Your smile plays a big role in the confidence of your appearance, and we believe you should feel confident every time you share it. Those with missing, crooked, or stained teeth often struggle with self-consciousness that invades every aspect of life. In order to feel good about your aesthetic appearance, it may be necessary to take more extensive measures beyond brushing, flossing every day, and scheduling routine cleanings twice a year.

We are proud to offer several cosmetic procedures to improve your smile, including crown lengthening in Atlanta, GA. If you have a gummy smile and feel that the appearance of your smile could be improved with longer teeth, you may be eligible for this procedure. Although every situation is unique, there may be specified occurrences where the procedure may become a necessity. 

Functional Crown Lengthening

When a gum reduction surgery is a necessary prerequisite to perform another restorative or cosmetic procedure, it is considered a functional crown lengthening. For example, if the tooth has an inadequate structure for a bridge or a crown, crown lengthening may be necessary. This is also the case when a tooth is fractured below the gum line or has excessive amounts of decay for a procedure.

During functional crown lengthening, it may also be necessary to remove excess gum tissue and entirely reshape the area.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Otherwise known as a “gum lift”, this procedure is fairly simple and can typically be completed within an hour. Esthetic crown lengthening creates a beautiful, wider smile, while also assisting in increasing oral health by preventing and controlling periodontal disease. Excess bone and gum tissue are removed from the teeth during the procedure, exposing more of the natural teeth. Depending on the situation, esthetic crown lengthening may be performed on the entire smile, or just on one specific tooth.

Where Do You Fit?

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