As the weather gets warmer, many people find summer to be the perfect time to try new adventures. Traveling and participating in various sporting events makes for great life experiences, but you’re likely to lack as much consideration for the health or condition of your teeth. One little mishap may cause a visit to the periodontist to replace missing teeth in Atlanta, GA. Preventive measures to protect your teeth now, could save you from an emergency trip and implant surgery later.

Take Protective Measures

If you’re going to be active this summer, particularly in organized sports, use protective gear to ensure the safety of your body, as well as your teeth. Wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth in sports such as basketball, and be sure to put on additional safety equipment such as a helmet and pads in football. When you know you will be coming in contact with other players, protecting your mouth with a guard should help prevent those teeth from getting knocked out or becoming loose.

Continue Good Dental Hygiene Habits

Summer is a time to eat good food and indulge in flavorful drinks, so it is especially important to maintain good dental hygiene habits, such as flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day. Your teeth are stronger when you take the time to care for them, so they are less likely to fall out with proper maintenance.


Grinding of the teeth is one of the causes of receding gum lines, and it also wears down your teeth and causes tension in your jaw, leading to headaches. Mouth guards can help to reduce grinding, but it is also useful in reducing levels of stress. The more you relax, the less likely you are to tense up and grind your jaw.

Don’t Forget Your Checkup

These tips are great for helping your teeth to remain intact this summer, but don’t forget about a checkup with your periodontist. To learn more about keeping your mouth safe and proper techniques for oral care, schedule an appointment with Gregg R. Codelli, DDS at 470-235-5519.