May is Stroke Awareness Month in the United States and many health care providers are taking this opportunity to raise awareness about this important health concern. As a periodontist in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Gregg Codelli knows a few surprising facts about strokes. For instance, did you know that oral health can have a significant impact on your cardiovascular health? Gum disease in particular is linked with heart disease. Since heart disease can lead to stroke and heart attack, preventing its advancement is very important. Dr. Codelli and other members of our care team are here to help you manage and treat gum disease to help improve your overall physical health.

Gum Disease Stages and How it is Treated

Periodontal disease (gum disease) begins with plaque buildup on your teeth. As this plaque calcifies into a hard, scaly layer, bacteria begins to collect near the gum line. This harmful bacteria flourishes and eventually attacks gum tissue. Red, swollen, tender gums are a sign that gum disease is present. Gum tissue recedes from teeth and small pockets form; bacteria collect in these pockets, which can lead to advanced symptoms of gum disease, including bone deterioration.

To treat gum disease, the bacteria must be removed so the patient’s natural healing processes can take over. Traditionally, this involved cutting and suturing the gum tissue. Though effective, post-treatment discomfort and the amount of recovery time required made many patients hesitant. Today, the LANAP® system is an effective alternative to treating gum disease.

LANAP Treatment Advantages

The LANAP® system offers many advantages to people seeking an alternative to traditional gum disease surgery. For instance:

  • LANAP® treatment removes only the harmful bacteria; healthy tissue is left intact
  • The procedure is minimally invasive so bleeding is minor
  • Patients experience less pain and discomfort during the procedure and throughout the recovery period
  • Patients recover more quickly from a LANAP® procedure

Taking Care of Gum Disease

If you have concerns about how gum disease is affecting your health, schedule an appointment with Dr. Codelli by calling 470-235-4754.