Dental implants are anchors for replacement teeth. By securing them to your jawbone, they hold crowns, dentures or bridges in a permanent position. Their titanium construction is lightweight, durable and biocompatible, meaning that your body is unlikely to reject it. In fact, of all implanted surgical devices, dental implants produce the best success rates.

When you lose teeth, the bone that supports them is also lost. Dental implants stabilize the bone to prevent further loss. Along with just replacing teeth, implants help maintain the form and density of your jawbone. This means that they also sustain the bony structure of your face and the soft tissues, such as gum tissues, cheeks and lips, allowing you to eat, talk and look completely natural.

Advantages of Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Cone Beam 3D X-rays is the most current technology allowing dental professionals to create views of the teeth, face and neck for complete treatment. The single 10-second scan is fast, simple and completely painless. From that scan, the specialist can immediately view computer-generated representations of the bones of your face, teeth and any other areas from every angle, in 3D and color.

You no longer have to leave the office and visit a radiology center to have scans obtained. In addition, the 3D imaging system provides a complete view of all oral and maxillofacial structures, providing the most thorough diagnostic information possible. Other benefits include:

  • Decreased exposure to radiation
  • Capability to differentiate between soft tissue, bones, teeth and nerves
  • Safe and accurate dental implant positioning
  • Enhanced ability to assess risks
  • No pain
  • Less expensive than traditional dental X-rays
  • Prevention of restricted visualization and errors

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