A very common cause of loose teeth and other disorders requiring tooth extraction is gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. It is possible to find and treat gum disease early to mitigate many of the effects, such as tooth extraction, and late-stage treatment might also help prevent some complications. That is why Dr. Gregg Codelli provides specialized periodontal services that include treatment for gum disease in all stages.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs when there is a bacterial infection in the mouth that leads to the gums separating from the tooth. This leaves the root of the tooth exposed, increasing the risk of decay and other problems. Left untreated, the tooth becomes loose and might even come out.

Why Does It Lead to Tooth Extraction?

When gum disease has run its course on a tooth, it can end up loosening the tooth or damaging it to such an extent that it is unhealthy to leave it in the mouth. The infection that has caused the damage might also spread to nearby teeth, leading to the same issues on those teeth. Rather than waiting for the tooth to fall out on its own while wreaking havoc in the mouth, most dentists will opt for tooth extraction instead. This is when a dentist or oral surgeon removes the tooth. It is often followed by a dental implant to replace the tooth, although you might choose a bridge or denture instead.

Get Screened for Gum Disease

Taking care to get screened for gum disease and getting early treatment can help you avoid the necessity of tooth extraction, dental implants, and other treatments. This might include scaling and root planning or periodontal surgery, which allows removal of plaque and tartar in harder-to-reach places. There are also ways to splint or otherwise rebuild the bone to strengthen the tooth before it is completely destroyed and requires removal. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Codelli to get screened for gum disease and determine the best course of action to prevent the fallout of this disease.