While most people realize that brushing your teeth and flossing regularly are the best ways to help promote a healthy mouth, they may not be as informed about how damaging some common habits are. Bad habits like teeth grinding and nail biting can be causing your mouth and teeth major issues. Seeing a periodontist such as Dr. Gregg R. Codelli in Atlanta, GA may be the best way to reverse the damage of these common oral health pitfalls.

1. Biting Your Nails
If you are a regular nail biter, you could be putting your teeth’s enamel at risk. Do not get too nervous about losing this bad habit. Try using some bitter nail polish to help you stop the temptation to chew on your fingers.

2. Grinding Your Teeth
If you find yourself grinding or clenching your teeth and jaw, it is time to look for solutions for losing this bad habit. Grinding your teeth and constant jaw clenching can lead to jaw muscle pain and chipped teeth. Instead, look for a way to release the stress that you may be feeling when you clench or grind. 

3. Brushing Too Much
Another bad habit to stop dead in its tracks is going overboard with your brushing. Sometimes, overdoing it can lead to more damage than good. Brushing too hard may cause your tooth enamel to wear away. Instead, go easy on the brushing, and try using a softer toothbrush.

4. Chewing on Ice
Next, you should avoid chewing on ice. If you love to finish off your cold drink by chomping on the leftover ice, skip it. The combination of cold temperatures and the chewing action may be causing small chips or fractures in your teeth. Next time, let it melt instead.

If you need help breaking up with these bad habits, call us today at (678) 389-7604. Dr. Codelli can give you some solutions to these damaging problems.