How to Prevent Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is extremely common in the United States, and many people don’t understand the effects that gum disease can have on the rest of your body. Even those who do not exhibit signs of gum disease can benefit from taking a proactive approach to caring for their gums and mouth. 

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Why You Should Floss After Thanksgiving

While you may be sleepy and want to relax after the festivities are over, it’s important to keep your oral health in mind and floss before bedtime to avoid gum disease.

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Just How Common Are Missing Adult Teeth?

We don’t talk about tooth loss as much as we could, but this common occurrence does not need to cause a permanent change to your appearance or lifestyle. 

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Schedule an Appointment on National Call Your Doctor Day

June 13th is National Call Your Doctor Day which makes it a perfect time to schedule the tooth extraction that you have been putting off.  Continue reading to learn why consistent visits are important.

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Important Facts About Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Awareness Month is designed to help people understand the disease, including its causes, treatments, and to encourage people to schedule a screening with a dental professional.  Continue reading to learn more.

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Periodontal Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Dr. Gregg Codelli explains why you may need to have a tooth extraction at your local periodontal office.

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How to Be Happy About Seeing Your Dentist

Do you suffer from dental fear or anxiety? If you are like millions of other Americans, the fear can be so severe that you aren't getting the dental treatment you need. We have a solution.

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How to Smile Your Way to a Healthier Year

Did you know an instant mood enhancer is as simple as a smile? It's free, and can help your health, both mentally and physically. Find out how!

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How Gum Disease Leads to Tooth Extraction

Gum disease often results in loose teeth if not treated early.  Continue reading to discover the best ways to prevent tooth loss and extraction.

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Why Dental Implants Are Cost-Effective

Are dental implants a cost-effective tooth replacement solution? Learn more about the benefits of this permanent smile restoration and how it can help you save money long-term.

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